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The WNS mission is to create a community of lifelong learners that nurtures students from diverse backgrounds to reach their full potential and inspires them to contribute to the world with confidence, creativity, curiosity, conscience and compassion.


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Program Highlights

Social Learning
WNS believes in the importance of teaching to the heart as well as to the mind, and that there is a cognitive foundation to social learning. Social learning is a vital part of our curriculum that is taught at each grade level and practiced just as any academic skill.


Family Groups
Every student at WNS is a part of a larger community, and a unique part of that community is Family Groups. Family Groups meet once a month and include children from all grades and faculty and staff advisors. Seventh and eighth grade students serve as leaders of the groups as each group engages in meaningful and fun activities that strengthen the bond throughout grade levels and the school.


Global Studies
WNS encourages students to think and learn beyond our own borders. Our new global studies program provides students the opportunity to experience the world first hand with an international excursion during the summer that immerses students in a new culture.
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Project-Based Learning
Project- and problem-based, collaborative learning is an essential part of the WNS program that allows our students to apply their learning in an authentic way. Special projects at each grade level help highlight the relevance of skills students learn, provide students with authentic opportunities to apply what they learn, as well as emphasize teamwork, leadership, and cooperation.
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Every student at WNS is offered multiple ways to grow as a leader both in and out of the classroom, from heading up group projects, to our buddy program, to leading family groups, to participating in athletics and the performing arts. Through these leadership opportunities, WNS student gain the confidence they need for success.


We believe that there is great value for middle school students to dabble. Our elective program is an ideal time for students have the opportunity to participate in a new educational experiences each trimester. These electives allow our students the opportunity to learn new skills, discover a new interest, or delve more deeply into a subject they are most passionate about.
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Outdoor Education
Some of the most important learning can take place outside the classroom. All middle school students participate in retreats each year that help bond the classes and provide a new environment to learn and grow.
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Maker Mindset
The world our students will be working in is the age of innovation. We recognize the importance of engendering a maker mindset in our students, and provide them with the tools, skills, and confidence to create, innovate, and problem-solve.
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After school athletics are an important part of the WNS middle school experience. With a no-cut policy, all students are able to learn and improve skills and play in a fun and competitive environment. Sportsmanship, fundamentals, and teamwork are essential parts of being a member of a Jets athletic team.
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Voices of WNS


Director of Athletics
Chris Pearson talks about the WNS Athletics Program.


First Grade Teacher
Amber Paulson talks about Scottish Storyline.


Technology Integration Coordinator
Don Fitz-Roy talks about technology.


Social Studies Teacher
Caitlin Barry talks about media literacy.